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Jakarta, Indonesia

You may know I have spent the last three weeks in Asia : first in Indonesia and then in Thailand. That was absolutely astonishing. You should know that if you wish to enjoy the best your trip you must wake up early because they live at a different pace since the sun rises and sets very early too (6am - 6pm). People here are used to waking up early (like 5 or 6am). Lots of public services and places close at 5pm, except for bars and restaurants.

Jakarta was our first stop and it really felt like we were transported to a different world. The weather is hot but there is no sunshine, the sky is gray. Roads are always full of motorcycles, traffic jams never stop. The sidewalks are totally messed up. We walked for 20 minutes with our heavy luggage to carry them to the hotel. We were exhausted by our 18-hour flight. It was so dirty out there, there was some litter everywhere and you could find some errant cats and dogs looking for food in the garbage. Rats and cockroaches were part of the decor too. I know it does not sound delightful said like that and that might be the reason why everyone told me that it was so useless to go in Jakarta. However I really wanted to visit the capital city of Indonesia for several reasons. The main reason is because, to me, capital cities are part of each country's identity. It is the place where the heart beats. I could not imagine visiting Indonesia without visiting Jakarta.
As I prepared the trip, reading different articles and looking at Instagram's photos of Jakarta, I have discovered that this town was full of interesting spots. You know there are amazing coffee shops out there, I felt like these are under Australia's influence. This town seems to be culturally rich. The last reason why I really wanted to go out there was because I like to make up my own opinion. You know I couldn't say "I didn't go because people told me not to". That might be some pride but I really wanted to feel the heart of that city. And I do not regret that stop at all. I don't feel like I have wasted my time in Jakarta. Wait to read about Bali to understand why.

Our hotel was in the district of Pusat. But if I had to do it again, I would book a hotel in Selatan, in the south of the city or in the north in UtaraPusat was a practicle choice as it was not so far from the main train station, Gambir station.

This city is full of contrasts. There are very dirty districts where you wouldn't spend much time and aside of that you have chic neighbourhoods with luxury hotels and sky scrappers… People in Jakarta live in the street. They put four chairs in the street and a coffee table and they enjoy a card play with their friends. You can also find people enjoying their food truck dinner on their parked scooter or on a bench… There are food trucks everywhere, they do not seem very neat but if I ever come back I will try at least one of them for sure! There are not so many tourists in that city and that's very pleasant.  I would have liked to spend more time there and I wish I had prepared it better but whatever, I hope I can go back someday!

We had the most amazing experience in The Cloud, Lounge & Dining. It is located on the 49th floor of the Plaza Tower (Jakarta Central) and you can enjoy a stunning view of the city from their fancy terrace. Prices are very high for the city (but still it remains very affordable) and cocktails are absolutely amazing.

I had written down some adresses I hadn't had the chance to visit :

1/15 Coffee
The Cloud, Lounge & Dining

1/15 Coffee
Suwe Ora Jamu
Kopi Nalar
7 speed coffee
Kaffeine KLINE
Coffee Smith
Goni coffee
Dua coffee shop
Louie Coffee

Monkey Tail Cafe
NÔRD Coffee
Brew and else

Touristic sites
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Monumen Nasional
Thousand Islands National Park
Pasar Tanah Abang Blok A
Santa Modern Market

Next stop in Yogyakarta…

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